Konachan.com 2011 Anime Wallpaper Pack
Description The RARs are individually compressed meaning you DON'T need all of them to decompress them.
The torrent only contains the new ones.

DDL and old packs http://konachan.com/forum/show/12052
Submitted by Shuugo
Date Added Jan. 27, 2011
3.0/5 (2 votes)
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Size 24.0 GB
Files 60 files Click here to show all files
Konachan.com_-_Pack_146_76568.rar 344.6 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_180_91972.rar 383.1 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_129_69343.rar 385.4 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_132_70425.rar 400.0 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_123_67248.rar 401.9 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_178_91067.rar 402.0 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_162_83069.rar 402.6 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_135_71827.rar 403.7 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_156_80666.rar 404.1 MB
Konachan.com_-_Pack_163_83608.rar 404.5 MB
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1 Anonymous
2011-11-29 20:25:33
hey i don't know what is going on but when i go to the page (http://konachan.com/forum/show/12052) and click on the megaupload link I get a message saying that the page can't be found is there any way you can fix this please I don't want to download torrent because its to risky
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